11 life lessons Dr Seuss can teach you.

Forget self-help books. You just need Dr Seuss.

So there’s a new Dr Seuss book coming out in July, called What Pet Should I Get?. Yep, even though the children’s author – real name Ted Geisel – died in 1991, new manuscripts keep turning up. That’s pretty exciting news for Dr Seuss fans. Me? I’m a huge one.

I would read him on a boat. I would read him with a goat. I would read him in the rain. I would read him on a train. Etc.

I used to think Dr Seuss was all about cute rhymes. But once I had kids, I went beyond the cat in the hat and fox in socks. I met the Sneetches, and Horton, and Yertle. I discovered the places I could go and the things I could think.

I realised his books were all about opening up kids’ minds and setting them on the right path in life.

Dr Seuss is, quite possibly, the greatest thinker of our time – and he knows how to rhyme, too.

Of course, I’m not the first person to work this out.

Did you know that The Sneetches was handed out to half a million children in Bosnia and Herzegovina to try to encourage them to be more tolerant of different races?

That’s right. If we all read Dr Seuss books, the world would be a better place.

Here are 11 life lessons the good doctor can teach us all.

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