Scientists tested a bunch of library books. What they found is unbelievable.

Can we just say that this was kind of bound to happen?

Some ‘bacteriology and toxicology experts’ decided that their collective accumulated years of study would be best put to use testing library books for funny stuff that makes people squirm.

And they pretty much hit the toxic jackpot, when they came across this little number right here. You may have heard of it:

Ten books were tested at Antwerp library, and besides all of them coming back positive for cocaine (enough to make you fail a drug test after reading them), one book in particular tested positive for an STD.

Yes, that book was Fifty Shades of Grey. And yes, that book TESTED POSITIVE FOR HERPES.

Yeah. You might want to think twice about borrowing somebody’s sloppy seconds from the library. Or at least wear protection if you do.

Hasn’t turned you off? Here’s the lucky actors who get to play the couple in the Fifty Shades of Grey film:

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