In Japan, ladies hide their burger-stuffed faces with this food mask

We love burgers. And we're not embarrassed to eat them with a dab of sauce on our noses and cheese in the corner of our mouths.

Apparently, our Japanese sisters don't feel the same way (which we are so sad to hear). Small mouths, or ochobo, are considered attractive in Japan, and it's considered well-mannered to cover your mouth while eating.

So a fast-food chain called Freshness Burger created a giant paper sleeve - called the "Liberation Wrapper" - to hide the ladies' faces while they chow down. The wrapper is printed with a closed, smiling female mouth. We guess it's OK for men to shove food in their faces, uncovered, in public.

Since introducing the Liberation Wrapper, sales of the large size "classic burger" are up 213%.

We're pretty sure "liberation" means the exact opposite of this food mask invention, but we're all for eating giant burgers, so enjoy pigging out, women of Japan.

What do you think of the 'Liberation Wrapper'?