Would you let your son give you a tattoo?

There are plenty of things a dad will subject himself to in the name of good fun with his kids: Letting his daughter dress him up in a frilly tutu for a tea party. Agreeing to a makeover, complete with red lipstick and pink nail polish. Allowing his son to give him a tattoo...

Wait, what? Okay, a fake tattoo drawn in washable marker is one thing, but we'd draw the line at letting a child wield a real needle with real ink on real skin. Think that’s a given? This photo, posted on image sharing site imgur, proves otherwise.

True, this young boy is showing some Michael Jordan-esque concentration (tongue out) as he traces, presumably, his own name on his already heavily tattooed dad’s leg, but as a mom who will happily shell out an extra $10 for the flu mist over the shot, let’s just say “squeamish” is putting it lightly here.

We’re sure it will make Oliver popular at school, though. Can you imagine his teacher’s face when it’s his turn to share about what he did last night and he says, “Watched some SpongeBob, ate pizza and tattooed Daddy?"

A note might be going home in his folder.

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