FLUFF: The most ridiculous things about Leo's $10 million new apartment.

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s new place is the ultimate New York apartment for the health-conscious celebrity bachelor.

The 39-year-old Wolf of Wall St actor laid down $10 million for a Greenwich Village loft with some of the most ridiculous features we’ve ever heard, ever. It’s an eco-friendly “Wellness Certified” building, with all the latest obscenely useless technology only a Hollywood stud could dream up.

See this bathroom? Leo doesn’t shower in normal water like the rest of us. Oh no. The water here is infused with Vitamin C because the man doesn’t have time to eat an orange. Unconfirmed reports suggest the taps may flow with the salty tears of angels.

See these wooden boards for famous feet to walk upon? It’s actually “posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring.” We have no idea whatsoever what that means but sounds like Leo’s feet with always be toasty. And supported.

As for the air flowing through this apartment? It’s aromatherapy circulated air conditioning. Pure oxygen is beneath Leo Di CapCap. When he breathes, he needs his air infused with the oils of goddesses.

The apartment has its own “wellness concierge” to help its residents achieve maximum wellness while they live in the five apartments of the green-living apartment block. Leo’s apartment only has 2 bedrooms, but it does have access to a swanky rooftop entertaining for all the visiting supermodels.

The parking spot for Leo’s $100,00 Fisher Karma hybrid car is $1 million alone. That price tag is mostly to do with the rarity of a parking space in Manhattan, NY, but we think it’s possible the car gets its own 24-hour-a-day masseuse.

So, is this the most ridiculous famous-person apartment? Would you move in right now this second if you could?

Speaking of crazy celebrity houses, here’s our comprehensive photo album…

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