Leonardo DiCaprio: Something of a ladies man?

Leonardo DiCaprio has a reputation as being something of a cad. A ladies’ man — in the most debonair, cultured, and suave 1920s sense of the word.

When he was recently filming in Australia for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, celebrity magazines asserted that the man who would be Gatsby had an ever-rotating cast of nubile young women accompanying him to his hotel room at night. Recently when it was reported that Di Caprio would return to Australia for the film’s premiere, one website suggested men “lock up (their) wives and daughters.”

Now, we know you can’t believe everything you read…

But to see DiCaprio’s charm in action – with an Aussie journalist no less – is something else. Check it out.

This is a teaser for a 60 minutes interview with DiCaprio, which will be airing tonight.

Are you looking forward to The Great Gatsby for more of Leo’s charm, or the decadent costumes?