FLUFF: Lena Dunham's Vogue cover's here and it's stunning.

Lena Dunham looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Vogue – and the photo shoot inside is even better. She lets a pigeon rest on her head, wears head-to-toe feathers, perches on a bath tub in a gown like it ain’t no thang, piggy-backs Adam Driver around New York, and poses with her dog. We could not be more proud of the creator of our favourite show, Girls. 

Without further ado, here are the pics. What do you think? Stunning, right?

Miley Cyrus has a new haircut

The 21-year-old Wrecking Ball singer has swapped her trendy pixie cut for none other than a 90’s inspired bowl cut, and we’re not entirely sure what to think. We need to talk about Miley’s new haircut, which is a total ‘90s throwback:

One thing is for certain – surely it’s too early for a 90’s comeback?

Emma Watson has a new boyfriend

The guy’s name is Matthew Janney, and yes, we have checked that he’s good enough for our Em. He’s a 21-year-old Oxford University student who plays rugby and studies modern languages.

Even we’re a little bit in love with the Harry Potter star so we’re not surprised he wanted her to meet his fan ASAP. Sadly, both Matthew’s parents are dead (his dad passed away from cancer when he was a toddler, and his mum when he was 16) but she did get to meet his legal guardians and they loved her. We wonder if she wore her crazy Golden Globes dress…

Beyonce’s photos from Blue Ivy’s birthday party will melt your ovaries

So, Blue Ivy Carter is possibly the most genetically gifted one year old in the known universe. She gets to call Beyonce “mommy” and her daddy Jay-Z probably turns bedtime stories into award-winning raps. Of all the small famous humans, she is the one whose life we actually envy. Just check out her first birthday party pics…

The Cate Blanchett photoshop fail everyone’s talking about

The 44-year-old Blue Jasmine actress is on the cover Vogue Australia this month and she looks, well, a lot more tan than usual. And uncannily smooth. Check out the difference here:


Obviously, Cate’s the victim of an over-zealous spray-tanner or Photoshop wizard, who made her porcelain skin unbelievably bronze. and wrinkle-free. This is what The Gloss have to say on the matter: “She’s so bronzed in this edition one couldn’t even call her sun-kissed. This look flew right past “glowing” and straight into Tan Mom territory. This is not a good look for her, and she’s been Photoshopped into a much older and less attractive woman than she normally is.”

Here’s the thing we don’t get: Cate Blanchett is naturally flawless and ethereal, with skin so radiant it could leave you blind if you look directly at her in real life. Why tamper with perfection?

This Aussie actor is going to need a mini-van to cart his kids around

Thor actor and Home & Away alumni Chris Hemsworth and his glorious Spanish wife Elsa Pataky are expecting TWINS! Their gorgeous little girl India Rose, who was born in 2012, will get two siblings… We don’t know yet if they’ll be brothers or sisters. But just one look at Hemsworth and Pataky indicates they’ll be incredibly beautiful to look at.

Happy 40th, Kate Moss

If we were invited to her birthday party, we’d shower Kate Moss in cuddles, high-fives and scented candles. Surprisingly, we were left off the guest list. So we’ll just have to celebrate with this special Kate Moss gallery…

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