LEIGH CAMPBELL: Just 5 beauty things I’m obsessed with right now.

Each week on You Beauty my co-host Kelly McCarren and I reveal our favourite expensive and affordable product of the week. 

At the risk of bragging, some weeks I trial so many new products that it’s hard to narrow it down to just two to recommend - there’s more I want to talk about! 

Sure, I test heaps of duds, too - half the time I’m left with patchy foundation or flaky mascara as a hazard of the job - but lately there's been so much great newness, I thought I'd put together a post to tell you about it all.

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Without further ado...

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Mask, $27.95


Regular listeners of the podcast will know that the Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment is one of my ride or die products, so I practically ran to the shower to wash my hair when this mask showed up. 

Spoiler alert: it’s very good. I've used it a few times now and each time my hair feels softer and the ends are a lot less crunchy afterwards. 

Bonus points for the pouch packaging - more of this please!

Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm in Rosewood, $52

Image: Supplied. 


This bullet of juicy hydration for your lips is a dream, and it’d want to be for over $50. 

Inside is what they call 'Color Reviver' technology, which is said to react to the unique chemistry of your lips to give them a natural flush of colour.

It makes lips look fuller and feel moisturised, but not hair-sticks-to-you sticky.

Sol Janeiro Copacabana Bronze Glow Oil, $53


I wore this body oil (mixed with moisturiser) the other day and my girlfriend could not stop sniffing me and telling me I smelt like Nutella and coconuts. Spoiler alert: it’s very good. 

She then jumped on her phone to buy a bottle so suffice to say it’s pretty yum. You can wear it straight up but I prefer a subtle glow, which is why I dilute it. Great on the decolletage for making your outfit look a bit fancier.

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CeraVe Moisturising Lotion, $22.99


This is the body lotion I mixed with the bronze oil. 

After being out of stock for many many months, CeraVe is back at Chemist Warehouse and I finally got my hands on some again. 

I love this because it’s like the Goldilocks of lotions - actually hydrating but not too thick or annoying to dress after using. Give me a big pump pack of body lotion in every bathroom and I'm a happy girl.

Flavedo and Albedo Bright Stripe Eyeliner in Black, $27


This new Aussie brand keeps impressing me. The latest product of theirs I’m always reaching for is the black pencil liner - it’s creamy and blendable but once in place, doesn’t end up on the top of your eyelids. Besides excellent and well-priced products, they are all about zero plastics - they don't use plastic in any of their packaging which is actually really hard to do, so bravo! 

Now it's your turn! Got a product that’s really rocking your socks right now? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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