Our Reality Road Test of the LeapPad Ultra tablet. Episode 2.


My children Caterina and Giovanni had been given the LeapPad Ultra to trial a few weeks ago. Below  is part 2 of their trial and you can watch part 1 here.

This is a Reality Road Test for LeapPad Ultra.

We were 35 minutes into an approximately 47 minute drive when my son said he felt sick. I’ve been a mother long enough to know that if he was feeling sick, the vomit was imminent, much like when they say they need to use the toilet and you know you have SECONDS to find the nearest loo.

With the deftness of a mum who just had her car cleaned, I reached for a plastic shopping back in my glove box, handed it to my now very car sick son and listened as he calmly and neatly vomited up fruit puree, Rice Wheels and a cheese stick into the back.

“I’m done Mum,” he said, handing me a bag. I grabbed it, twisted the top to prevent the smell escaping, put it on the floor of the passenger side, handed Philip a wet wipe to wipe his face and mouth, took that from him then handed him a drink of water.

We are a family of chronic travel sickness members. The only one who doesn’t get sick in my family is my husband.

But I’ve stumbled on the most amazing cure for travel sickness. It’s called, DISTRACTION.

If we play a DVD or give them a smart device they don’t get sick. Instead of having to stop mid-trip for a break and pack plastic bags, wet wipes and water for incidents of travel sickness we just have to make sure our portable DVD player and their LeapPad Ultra tablets are fully charged.

I discovered this cure just in time. My sister has moved away and has also had a new baby so I HAVE to drive to see my adorable little niece EVERY weekend. She’s growing so fast. The kids used to hate the drive before we discovered our cure.

Then LeapFrog gifted me two LeapPad Ultra tablets for Giovanni and Caterina and it has educational games, books and videos. THANK YOU LEAPFROG! The interior of my car thanks you.

The LeapPad Ultra tablets are educational, durable, fun and really help us get through those long long drives. And the surprising beauty is the kids are actually looking forward to long drives these days.

In the meantime I have happily retired from my days of traffic reporting from a chopper. I am a civilian now and will save my severe travel sickness for holidays only.

The new LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog is the ultimate kids’ learning tablet. It’s got the graphics, the camera, and the looks – and it’s kid-tough! LeapPad Ultra is the only children’s tablet with an integrated, kid-safe, Wi-Fi and web browser; LeapSearch powered by Zui, letting children explore the content they love. Enjoy instant access to 400+ fun apps, games, videos, eBooks, music, and more! Write. Draw. Snap photos. Make videos. And enjoy new peer-to-peer play that’s safe out of the box.

With so many ways to create and explore, LeapPad Ultra inspires a love of learning!

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