Lea DeLaria from Orange is the New Black strips off to encourage self-acceptance.

She refuses to be invisible. 

You know her best for playing Big Boo on the hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. But comedian and actor Lea DeLaria has made headlines this week as she strips off to promote body positivity and self-acceptance.

DeLaria featured in a candid video as part of StyleLikeU’s What’s Underneath Project to discuss everything from her sexuality, self-acceptance and reclaiming the C-word.

Watch the video here. Post continues below. 

Video via StyleLikeU

In the video, the 57-year-old actress and comedian shares her struggles with accepting her sexuality after growing up in a Catholic family and “cowering” in the closet as a teenager.

“My coming out experience was very, very difficult,” she says, “Because I thought I was the only one.”

“I hated myself for not being normal.”

“It freaks me out when I’m standing next to a women who is maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, talking about how fat she is,” she says about body image.

“Fat is not ugly. It’s actually quite beautiful.”

Brava, Lea!

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