7 beauty hacks for the perpetually lazy and time-challenged.

Waxing, tanning, moisturising, exfoliating; all this extra beautification we’re supposed to be doing once the hot weather hits is exhausting.

I mean, some days it’s a stretch to shave above our knees let alone spending time layering our serums over our sunscreens or whichever way you’re supposed to do it.

With the time-challenged and beauty-lazy in mind (we’re firmly in both camps), we’ve compiled a list of the best beauty products that require (almost) less effort than watching back-to-back episodes of Next Top Model on the couch.

1. Spray on moisturiser.

It’s the kind of thing girls of a certain age would have expected Judy Jetson to have in her beauty cupboard. And now, finally in 2013, Vaseline have created a Spray and Go moisturiser that is basically the stuff beauty dreams are made of.  Just as it implies, you spray it on and it absorbs in seconds leaving skin feeling super soft, and (albeit) your bathroom floor a little slippery.

Effort factor: 2  – it requires a tiny bit of rubbing in.
How much? $9.99 (available from February from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and pharmacies).

2. In-shower moisturiser.

Why even waste time moisturing outside of the shower when you can do it IN the shower? It makes absolutely no sense, yet somehow it works. You apply Nivea’s genius In Shower Moisturiser all over once you’ve washed, and then some magical moisturising agents do their thing and your skin is left soft and instantly hydrated – even after you dry off.

Effort factor: 0
How much? $6.99.

Try: Nivea’s In Shower Moisturiser, get it here.

3. Tubular mascara.

Can’t be bothered removing your eye makeup off at night? You’re not alone. Instead of spending precious minutes at the sink removing endless traces of mascara opt for a tubular one instead. The joy of this kind of mascara is that you take it off by running your fingers under warm water and rubbing lashes lightly between your fingers.

Effort factor: 3 – you still technically have to take it off at night.

How much? $38.

Try: Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula, buy here.


4. Long-wearing lip colour.

Say you like the look of a bold lip, but don’t want to constantly reapply it throughout the day? Well, now you can, Revlon’s Colourstay lip gloss will see you through several cups of tea, lunch, and after work drinks without budging.

Effort factor: 4 – it requires concentration and a steady hand to get the lipline right, otherwise you’ll look like Ronald McDonald.

How much? $21.95

Try: Revlon’s Colourstay lip gloss, get it here.

5. Nail polish drops.

If you want to apply nail polish, but don’t have time to let it set (who does?) you’ll want this little beauty in your bag. One drop of this on each nail makes even the stickiest nail polishes dry in seconds.

Effort factor: 1

How much? $14.

Try: Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops, buy here.

6. Dry shampoo.

Don’t have time to wash your hair or even shower? No problem. Just spray a dry shampoo like Klorane or Batiste into your roots, rub it in and you’re done.

Effort factor: 1

How much? $8.99.

Try: Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, buy here.

7. Makeup remover wipes.

Washing your face before bed is a crucial skincare step, but only if you’re a) not exhausted or b) not drunk. Since we’ve regularly a little from column a) and a little from column b) skincare wipes are a good alternative until the weekend and you can crack out the Clarisonic or um, even cleanser.

Effort factor: 1 (Though entirely dependent on how many tequilas you’ve consumed.)

How much? $7.95

Try: Wotnot Facial Wipes For Sensitive Skin, snap ’em up here.

What can you never be bothered doing? Taking off your makeup? Nail polish?

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