These women are in labour, and they can't stop laughing.

Here are some birth videos you might actually want to watch…

Laughing and giving birth usually don’t go together. Usually.

Being in labour and giving birth. Make no mistake, it is hard work bringing a small human into the world from somewhere inside your nether regions.

And generally speaking, giving birth is not fun, at least not until you hold that beautiful newborn in your arms. So howls of laughter are probably the last thing you expect to hear or see from a heavily dilated woman.

In the US it is the exception rather the rule to offer women laughing gas for pain management during their labour (in Australia, half of us opt for it). However, Boston Hospital has taking up the charge and started offering those in labour the option to take the pain reliever.

And from these three clips that are going crazy on the internet, there are many excellent and apparently very funny reasons why the option of inhaling laughing gas is a must in the birthing suite.

The first, this woman is told that she isn’t dilating by the midwife…and her response… well, you can’t help but laugh with her.

And then this woman is just funny as she laughs while sucking down on the laughing gas.

Forget the giggles, at 44 seconds the only song that you should ever give birth to comes on (with the pregnant women chiming in).

Did gas and air make you giggle while you gave birth? Could ANYTHING have made you giggle when you gave birth? 

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