Eight last-minute Christmas gift ideas. You're welcome.

This guy has been wearing his antlers in Christmas anticipation since mid July… me? Not so much.


This year, despite the fact that the major department stores have been playing Christmas Carols since early August, I have found myself genuinely underprepared for December the 25th.

I have secured precisely zero Christmas presents even though as we read this, there are exactly (15 days?) until the big day.

Scary huh?

If you’re anything like me, with three very different children and an always hard-to-buy-for husband (there are only so many golf clubs and power tools one man can own) you can struggle at times to find the perfect gift. So I present you with some of my Christmas gift ideas for all of the family.

 Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by ASUS. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in her own words.

Come next Christmas, you can all marvel at your creation.

1. Seeds. No, you read that right. Seeds. Seeds to plant. Hear me out here. How many plastic toys end up at the bottom of the toy box within the week of receiving them? The majority. So here is a beautiful suggestion – plant something that can’t be killed regardless of the recipients gardening thumb. Preferably something that bears fruit and then come next Christmas; you can all marvel at your creation and reminisce about the year that was.

2. A game of coights and/or hooky. These games are old school but so simple and something you can play as a family, as a couple or as something that the kids can have a friendly competition over. Hooky being the board you place on the wall and throw small circular rubber rings at aiming to land on a hook. Coights being the stick on the ground you have to land equally small roped rings onto from a short distance. These are also underrated drinking games and are available for a very reasonable price at most department stores.

It’s a big commitment, but the face of a child receiving a pet on Christmas day is priceless.

3. A pet. I know an animal isn’t just for Christmas so this one requires suitable commitment. Ideally you’ll head to your local animal shelter and rescue a worthy mate. I’ve seen the joy on a child’s face when they receive an animal on Christmas morning. It is truly priceless. Remember to carefully consider your choice and situation before falling for the romantic side of this gift but if it feels right, please, PLEASE do it.

Waterproof shower speaker.

4. A waterproof shower speaker. Who DOESN’T need this I ask you? No one. Through the wizardry that is technology, it somehow connects to your smartphone that is safely out of harms way. I won’t question how this works, I will be too busy singing my heart out to Nickelback The Rolling Stones.

5. A sporting membership. It often feels that AFL in Victoria is more of a religion than Catholicism. Whether it be football (whichever code you interpret that to be) basketball, Rugby League or golf, whatever it may be, if there is a membership that can be purchased, this is a wonderful year round gift to give to someone you love.

Sushi roller

6. A sushi roller

Check this THING out. Now my kids love sushi but I have never quite mastered the art of the roll. It just ends up looking like a toddler attempted it, ending up a soggy mess of seaweed and rice. This thing is amazing and reasonably priced.

A pet collar camera… maybe to go with the new pet?

7. Pet collar camera.

Haven’t you always wanted to know what your cat gets up to when they disappear for 7 solid hours? Sure there’s a fair chance this will just have footage of the same grassy knoll where they fall asleep but there is always the potential for some moth chasing/liaison with the neighbours kitty.

Sometimes you need something to keep the kids sorted over the Christmas break

8. A Tablet

Admit it – sometimes you need something to keep the kids sorted over the Christmas break, while you sort out…well, everything else. If your kids are mad about swiping, tapping and playing angry birds, a tablet will keep them occupied for hours – especially on those long car trips during the school holidays. Tablets come in all shapes and sizes these days, but sliding in at under $200, the ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 can do pretty much everything an iPad can, without breaking the bank.

The ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 is available from major retailers, including Harvey Norman and Myer, for RRP$199. If you are in Melbourne head down to the MeMOMENT stand at Fountain Gate Westfield near Myer between 9-16 December. ASUS will be demonstrating the product, with lego and duplo available to keep children entertained, plus special offers on accessories and the chance to win one of three Nespresso Machines. Find out more here. 

Have you done all of your Christmas shopping yet? What are your go-to last minute Christmas gift ideas?