Why Lara Bingle breaks the internet every time she cuts her hair.

She’s been called Australia’s answer to Kim Kardashian.

Whether or not you agree with that statement, there’s no denying that Lara Bingle is one of our most fascinating celebrities.

The 27-year-old first came on our radar in the 2006 Tourism Australian advertising campaign, ‘So where the bloody hell are you?’ and since then has been many things. A model, actress, reality TV star, businesswoman, restaurant co-owner, brand ambassador, fashion designer, travel reporter, and now beauty brand owner with her soon to be launched line of tanning and body products, The Base by Lara Bingle, to name just a few.

She’s also the owner of the most talked about celebrity haircut of 2014. Social media went into meltdown after she posted a photo of her newly cropped hair back in July.

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The style was quickly coined the ‘Bingle Bob,’ and hairdressers around the country were inundated with requests to copy her freshly cropped style.

But let’s step back a moment and remember the hair Lara had before that, because we also wanted that too.

Lara’s go-to hair and makeup artist while she’s in Sydney, Max May, has a way with her hair. The model’s dyed hair never looks dry or damaged. It’s always perfectly tousled and beachy without being crunchy. She epitomizes the typical Aussie beach girl.

Three ways to rock a Bingle bob

1. The trick to Lara Bingle's bob is it has a subtle A-line effect that makes it sit just so.

2. Ask your hairdresser to make your hair slightly longer at the front than it is at the back.

3. The biggest trick to a bob is being able to give it volume while keeping it smooth. Use Dove Pure Care Dry Oils to keep that bob sleek and shiny.

It could be argued that ‘The Bingle,’ as she’s affectionately known, rocked the balayage trend a little longer than she should have, but we’ve all been there.

Someone wise once said, hair hindsight is the best kind of foresight. At the time, June 2012, this was the hair we all wanted to copy. Even if the dark roots didn’t appeal, her short, choppy long bob (Lob) was way ahead of its time. Coincidentally this was also around the time of her reality show, Being Lara Bingle. C’mon admit it: you watched it too.

You know how I was saying earlier about how Lara manages to balance messy, tousled hair while looking effortlessly chic and laidback Aussie style personified? It’s THIS – her in the above photo. Here she is at a fashion show in 2010, her hair is slightly scrunched on the top layers, with selected pieces curled, and the remaining layers left to fall loose around her shoulders. The result? Simply gorgeous.

Which celeb hairstyle do you most envy?

More evidence of Lara’s great hair…

Tell us about your own best and worst hair moments in the comments.

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