Lara Bingle shares a selfie. Accidentally flashes her wedding ring.

Another hidden reveal from Lara Worthington.

Has she just shown us her wedding ring? Or is it just a ‘love’ ring as the name of the glitzy item suggests?

Worthington posted a photo to her Instagram account talking about face cream, but also very prominently showing off a Cartier love band.

Lara Worthington and her ring. Image via @laraworthington Instagram.

The ring was spotted on that finger when she was recently travelling with her family in Paris. But now the 28-year-old has given us a front-and-centre look at the bling.

As always, Worthington didn't reveal any detail about anything we want to know - she just told us about some cream we can use on our face.

Thanks Lara.

See Sam blush over his relationship with Lara (Post continues after the video)...

Video via Fitzy and Wippa

The image was captioned, "LB Cream : Great on the face @thebasebylb."

Surely Worthington knew we would notice the ring on her finger, instead of the cream in her hand. Surely she knew we'd have a lot of questions. But what's we're more certain of is she's leaving us hanging. Again.

Worthington please done keep us in suspense - is it your wedding ring or is it just a love band?

Do you think it's Lara's wedding ring or just some bling?

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