Fluff: Did Lara Bingle start the fight? Watch this video and tell us.

Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington moved to New York to escape the Aussie paparazzi who wouldn’t give them peace.

Aww, guys. Dear, sweet, naive lovebirds.

That hasn’t worked out so well for the famous couple, who’ve ended up in a serious legal battle with a camera man who claims LB kicked him in the shins and SW punched him four times in the face.

It certainly didn’t help the Bingle-Worthingtons and their dream of privacy, that Sam was overheard calling Lara his wife (though how these two scandal-magnets kept their marriage a secret is a complete mystery).

Worthington appeared in court overnight on assault charges, and stayed completely silent during the proceedings.

Here’s Sammy W taking a spin in the backseat of a Manhattan police car.

Sam’s been ordered to stay away from photographer Sheng Li for 6 months. Li was arrested on reckless endangerment, assault and harassment charges, but he stands by his story that Lara attacked him first.

This is what Li’s lawyer, Ronald Kuby, had to say about the altercation: “He [Li] was on the job taking pictures and Ms Bingle got upset and ran half way up the block and attacked him. Her large famous boyfriend ran up and punched him four times in the face.

“Lara Bingle was the only one who claims there was a kick, nobody witnessed the kick, she has no mark on her leg. Why on earth would my client be taking pictures of Lara Bingle then run up to her and kick her in the shins? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Check out the raw footage here and let us know what you think. Did Lara get this thing started, or was she hounded by Li?

In a radio chat with Kyle and Jackie O yesterday, Li’s defence lawyer put Lara’s life in pretty harsh perspective: “I understand Lara Bingle is a lot like Kim Kardashian; she’s famous for being famous.”

Look, the comparison’s not inaccurate. Lara Bingle’s man just got slammed with assault charges for defending her against a camera man, which is nearly exactly what happened when Kanye West defended his fiance Kim. LB and KK both have their own fashion lines. They both have “reality TV star” at the top of their resume and an Instagram feed so full of gratuitous nudity, we cannot look away.

But Lara Bingle’s ours. She’s our walking paparazzi magnet. Time to come home, girl.

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