Lara Bingle poses nude. Again.

The last time we used the words ‘Lara Bingle nude‘ in a headline it was because she was snapped by the paparazzi while walking around her own house in the nuddy. The time before that it was because an ex-fling sent around pics of Lara snapped in the shower.

This time it’s to do with a photo shoot Lara Bingle agreed to, in which she appears with not a lot of clothes on. And – kind of bizarrely – playing with a gun.

In the magazine she talks about what it’s like to be Lara Bingle:

“During the week, the paparazzi are full on, but most Sundays I can pretty much run free and the paps don’t follow me too much at night,” she tells the mag.

“Need to keep some things sacred and off limits. Gareth is that escape in my life. He takes me away from the craziness. If I didn’t have that, I’d go insane.”

“I’m portrayed in a certain light in Australia and there’s a lot of frustration that comes with that for me,” she said.

“The biggest incentive for doing this show was to make people realise who I really am.”

The magazine goes on sale next Monday. Just in case you were wondering.