How to nail Lara Bingle's killer cover-look

Images: Elle Aus Instagram / Lara Bingle Instagram

It’s been a big year for Lara Bingle. Eight years onfrom her infamous ‘Where the bloody hell are you’ tourism campaign, the 27-year-old model is releasing a line of tanning products, has THE haircut of the year, and is on the August cover of ELLE magazine.

Editor of ELLE magazine, Justine Cullen exclusively revealed to The Glow that Lara hasn’t been ELLE cover girl material, until now.

“The question of Lara has come up whenever we’ve talked about potential Australians to shoot for the cover, but up until now it never felt right,” says Cullen.

“Suddenly though, it felt to me that the eye rolling has (for the most part) had its day. People are much more willing to admit that they’re a little bit – or a lot – fascinated by her. I know I am. And why not? She’s gorgeous, has great style, lives an amazing life, is crazy in love with one of the country’s most famous men, and does have an intriguing story to tell. We’ve been fascinated by people for a lot less.

“I know we’ll cop some flak from the ‘famous for being nothing’ ranters, but Lara isn’t that. She is – and always has been – a successful, working model who has grown up in the public eye and is about to launch her own business. Like it or not, she’s an Australian pop culture icon, and she’s on the precipice of a whole new life stage. To me, that makes a perfect cover girl,” says Cullen.

We spoke to the hairstylist responsible for the Elle cover, Travis Balcke, on how we can get the look at home. Balcke says the number one mistake most people make when it comes to hair is saving on the cut, and spending on the hair products. But if the cut is good, the product and styling should be minimal.

To create Lara's effortless, modern and natural look:

Step one: Apply WELLA ocean spritz to the roots of freshly washed hair. This will help to create volume and grip.
Step two: Mist the hair with WELLA Perfect Setting lotion to add hold and texture.
Step three: Blowdry hair using your fingers, from side-to-side and back-to-front. This creates movement and bounce.
Step four: When the hair is 90% dry, use a round brush on the ends to create a soft bend.
Step five: Finish with WELLA Luxe Oil - rub the oil in your hands, and work in into the hair.

For more behind-the-scenes shots of the Elle shoot (and pics of the Bingle Bob), flick through the gallery below.

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