Fluff: Lara Bingle accused of bikini plagiarism. Look at the pictures and tell us what you think.

Bikini plagiarism is a thing. Who knew? Not Lara Bingle.

Aussie model/Instagram Queen Ms Bingle has been warned: Your Cotton On bikini designs are unoriginal. Lisa Marie Fernandez is the swimwear designer with her bikini strings in a twist, and she’s taking on a number of Aussie swimwear brands including Bingle’s. She’s also got her eye on Triangl and NPL.

Fernandez was the first person to use neoprene in swimmers, which is that special stretchy fabric scuba gear’s made of. She says she was “inspired by the sleek athleticism of scuba gear.”

So basically, yeah, Bikini Plagiarism.

This is what she said in a warning to Bingle: “Australia is a wonderful country but since we are all interacting on a global level now. . . and due to Instagram and everything being seen immediately, the rest of our global fashion community will not take Australia seriously if they continue to do this.”

Look, we can only assume this high-fashion bikini lady has her bikini strings in a twist because Lara’s Cotton On black one-piece costs $30, but hers will set you back a whopping $399. 

Damn that Bingle. Releasing such affordable, classic style swimwear to Australian for swimming in Australia. How very dare she.

Here’s the swimsuit we think Fernandez is talking about. And Lara’s similar shot. What do you reckon: can anyone own the creative rights to a plain black one-piece?

Lisa Marie Fernandez on the left. Bingle on the right.

Jennifer Lawrence without Photoshop is excruciatingly beautiful.

23-year-old Academy-Award winning actress / our eternal spirit animal Jennifer Lawrence has released a photo with – GASP – no Photoshop. Here she is, without a scrap of retouching. Now, excuse us while we wallpaper our office with this shot.

Miley Cyrus simulating oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator.

So, Miley Cyrus has officially started her “Bangerz” tour. The 21-year-old pop diva (has she got RSI on that tongue yet?) kicked off her tour by “chucking a Monika Lewinsky” and simulating oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator.


There’s truly not much else we can say about that. We thought Miles couldn’t shock us any more, but this feeling we’re feeling feels a lot like shock.

Snacks on a plane: the Tony Abbott edition

Ooph. Give us a minute. We have to recover from the power that Snakes on a Plane  pun.

OK. Phew.

Now we can talk about what Prime Minister Tony Abbott eats on his plane.

It seems our current PM has quite a sweet tooth and fondness for liquor – hold the OJ.

Turns out the PM hates baked beans and yoghurt, but loves scones with jam and cream and needs sugar in his tea or chocolate in his coffee. I guess life’s pretty sweet, dining on a VIP jet.

The official orders for the RAAF 34 Squadron catering team on board the PM’s VIP jet includes a stocked cabinet with Drambuie, Baileys, Benedictine, Chardonnay and Peroni beers, with orders for no orange juice pre-flight.

From hot breakfasts, to strictly cold lunches and hot dinners (with dessert of course) the PM’s fine dining has made headlines this week.

Matt Damon posts a photocopy of his butt to Ben Affleck. It ends up on the internet, of course.

Well, this is a butt selfie we can get behind.

Actor Matt Damon photocopied his famous bum and sent it to his Good Will Hunting amigo Ben Affleck.

But when late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel got involved, the personal love note ended up on Twitter.

Here it is.

Doesn’t that just make you want to be best friends with the boys?

Great. That’ll cost you $10.

Maffleck are auctioning off their friendship for charity because they’re adorable. See:

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