Breaking: Sam Worthington arrested in New York for defending HIS WIFE Lara Bingle

UPDATE: We’ve just seen footage of the below incident, in which Sam Worthington defends Lara Bingle from an aggressive photographer on the streets of New York.

Worthington can be heard clearly saying: “You kicked my wife.”

His wife. Which means Worthington just accidentally confirmed the rumours that he and Bingle got secretly married. What a way to announce that happy news….

Sam Worthington, 36, has just been arrested in New York, New York for defending his girlfriend, Lara Bingle.

At about 5.30pm New York time near Greenwich Village, a scuffle broke out between famous people and the paparazzi who stalk professionally capture their every movement.

According to reports, a photographer kicked Bingle.

Here’s photographic proof from a bystander:

Worthington responded by punching the man in the face, and he’s been brought up on assault charges. New York Police Department Lieutenant John Grimpel confirmed the incident curtly: “This is correct. It happened at 5.30pm this evening. The photographer kicked Lara and then Worthington punched him causing the photographer to have lacerations to his nose.”

The photographer was also arrested and charged with assault, reckless endangerment and harassment.

Obviously, this incident was documented on Twitter.

And all this kerfuffle just a week after we reported the famous lovers had moved to New York permanently to avoid the paparazzi in Australia.

Bingle and Worthington have been dating – and Instagramming as a copuple – since September 2013.

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