Lara Bingle split news. Again.

Lara Bingle

Lara Bingle has split from her manager, George Moskos.

Moskos told The Daily Telegraph: “Lara and I are no longer working in a management capacity together.”

Moskos was responsible for resurrecting Bingle’s modelling career, after her (quickly cancelled and almost unanimously criticised) reality TV show, Being Lara Bingle.

This isn’t the first time Bingle has parted ways with management. The former face of Australian tourism fired celebrity PR guru Max Markson from the gig back in 2010 following a nude photo scandal, saying that she wanted to “live a quieter life”.

She told Grazia at the time: “I’ve always been honest and open, but I realised who my true friends were and who I couldn’t trust. I’ve learnt I only have three true friends.”

One of those those three friends turned out to be Bingle’s “BFF” Hermione Underwood, who managed Bingle between May 2011 and July 2012, just days before the first episode of Being Lara Bingle went to air.

Underwood, who was still a recurring cast member on Bingle’s show, told The Daily Telegraph in 2012: “I came on board a year ago because I believed in Lara and we achieved a lot of goals together but it was never really intended to be a long-term, permanent thing.”

“I have a lot of personal dreams which I put aside to do this job and now that’s something I want to go back and focus on.”

Bingle was then managed by Sally Brown and Chrissy Biasotto at Tailor Made Management, who were bumped in favour of Moskos following the failure of her reality TV show and a series of negative tabloid reports about Bingle’s alleged weight gain.

It’s fair to assume that Bingle and her boyfriend/possible husband Sam Worthington’s involvement in a scuffle with US paparazzi could have a little something to do with this decision to get new representation…..

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