Lady Gaga & Beyonce Telephone video

And here it is – the brand new Lady Gaga and Beyonce video for Telephone. Hats off to Gaga for making the music video into Event Video with a release date and huge hype campaign. It’s not really safe for work this one. Unless you are a lesbian working in a women’s prison in which case it’s like totally fine.

It’s being said that this is the biggest deal video since Thriller. You decide.

So does it live up to the hype do you think?

I watched the whole thing. And I love the song so yes, I adored.

I have one more question: what’s it about? I get the Thelma and Louise kind of vibe but that’s about all I get….


UPDATE: And while I’m in the process of writing something to clarify this piece that appeared in The Australian yesterday, declaring that I’m leading the charge in the ‘anti-raunch culture revolt’ and that I’ve ‘changed my mind’ about sexualisation in the media (ugh, when will I learn to be more wary about print interviews), it did raise some interesting points.

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