Can you tell who said it? A lads' magazine or a rapist?

Could you tell the difference between a statement made by a rapist and a line printed in a so-called “lads’ mag”?

The issue was raised on ABC radio this morning. An online petition has been launched, asking for the “lads’ magazine” Zoo Weekly to be taken off the shelves of major supermarkets because it creates a “diet of porn and violence”.

An example of a "Lads' Magazine" (image via Facebook)

It's a free country though, right?

Well sure it is, but as writer, social commentator and spokesperson for Collective Shout, Melinda Tankard Reist, told Robbie Buck on ABC 702 Sydney, when 36,000 boys between the ages of 14 and 17 read Zoo and get tips on "how to coerce drunk women into sex", it's time to call them out.

And she went even further by comparing all lad's magazines to rape culture, citing a study from Midddlesex University and the University of Surrey that showed that far from being harmless fun, lads’ mags could be legitimising hostile sexist attitudes.

Most people couldn't tell if a quote had come from a rapist or a lads' mag, the study found.

You can test yourself with the same quotes (answers at end of list).

Trigger Warning: Some of these statements may be disturbing for some readers.

1. "Use a nylon cord, tie them down and...use them."

2. "Persuading her to fellate you can be a bit of a challenge."

3. "In the bedroom there's only one boss...she'll like you taking charge like a real man."

4. "It's good to [anally penetrate] women because when you have s-xual intercourse with them in the v-gina, they may not feel it."

5. "You have to keep reminding them that c*ck is king."

6. "Married women are frequently an easier prospect than unmarried ones."

7. "If they conduct themselves as a lady, they don't have to worry."

8. "You want to pick the loosest, skankiest one of the lot, fetch her a drink and separate her from the flock."

9. "Girls purposely put up a bit of a fight before s-x to not seem easy, even if they want s-x ...they enjoy the back and forth of having the guy 'try'."


10. "If she is drinking, that's already a point in your favour."

11. "I eased my way into the ranga and banged her senseless. After a few minutes me and my mate swapped and his girl was a real good f--- too. I... finished up all over her [breasts]."

12. "Cut your ex's face, then nobody will want her."

13. "You think [she is] so dewy-eyed she's never sucked d*ck before? She knows how it works."

14. "Is she fragile? Then how about you let her know she's being f---ed?...Women just really want to get f---ed."

15. "All women that get turned on enough will try anything."


(Answers: 1. rapist, 2. lads Magazine, 3. lads magazine, 4. rapist, 5. lads magazine, 6. lads magazine, 7. rapist, 8. lads magazine, 9. rapist, 10. lads magazine, 11. lads magazine, 12. lads magazine, 13. lads magazine, 14. lads magazines, 15. lads magazine)

Now we have remember that not only are 14-year-old boys being led to believe that this kind of language and behaviour is okay, they are able to access it at supermarkets whose whole reputation revolves around being "family friendly".

The petition at last count had received more than 6500 signatures supporting petition creator, 23-year-old Laura Pintur from the organisation Collective Shout, a grassroots campaign movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

One supporter said:  "I'm signing because, as a woman, I am sick of being objectified and seen as only being good for one thing. I also believe we need to promote healthy relationships, not violent, degrading or abusive ones. Our children should not be exposed to disgusting magazines like Zoo that promote rape culture, domestic violence and women as lesser human beings."

Neither Bauer Media nor the supermarkets would comment on the petition.

You can view the petition here

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