The biggest trend to hit breastfeeding.

Breast milk supply too low? There’s a solution for that.

When Renee Cook, 26, first became a mum she struggled with what many face in those first few weeks. Low breast milk supply.

So she started baking. Making lactation cookies. And no, before you ask, they do not contain breast milk. Instead, they contain herbs well known for increasing breast milk supply.

And they worked. So much so, she asked her friends on Facebook whether they would like a batch. And got two orders. Seven months later the Noosa mum hires a commercial kitchen and produces 600 to 1,00 cookies to send around the country.

Cook now makes 600 to 1,000 cookies a week. Image via Reene's Goodies.

"My first batch and I burnt the oven," Cook told The Sunshine Coast Daily. "I've never been much of a cook. I started cooking from home, then gave the council a call and did a food handling supervising certificate and got a license from the council to bake once a week from a commercial kitchen."

"I was the first person in Australia to make homemade lactation cookies to buy."

Cook writes on her website,

Lactating goodies are intended for increasing and stimulating the milk production, but overall they are delicious and good for your health. Anyone and everyone can enjoy them. They are family friendly. I have sourced certified organic ingredients to provide ingredients of the highest quality.

Cookies work by absorbing vital vitamins and minerals into your body, giving your body that boost that it needs to meet your and babies needs.

All my baked good come DAIRY FREE i use coconut oil not butter.

So, what's in them?

According to The Sunshine Coast Daily, fenugreek, flaxseed and oats.

The many other products Cook makes. Image via Reene's Goodies Facebook.

But that's not all that Cook makes. Since her success she's branched out to nursing tea, lactation smoothies, lactation cookie bake-at-home kits, teething products and a 'Boobie Booster' which is everything in a cookie but in a capsule instead (like a vitamin).

And all her products come with a warning:

I have been told my products are addictive and hard to stop at one. Make sure to have breast pads on hand as some mums have reported that my lactation cookies worked so well that leaking has occurred.

What tips do you have for getting the breast milk supply going?

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For more information on Cook's products, head to her website.

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