Kyly Clarke: "My day on a plate."

As the creator of her lifestyle business, very aptly named Lyfestyled, author (she recently launched her book True To You, $24.95), beauty therapist, model, blogger and mother of one, Kyly Clarke needs food that will power her through her day.

The 34-year-old tells Mamamia what a day on her plate looks like.


“I love my breakfast in a smoothie and after my morning work out I have a new shake that I put together:

Two ice cubes of home made bone broth
Half a handful of All Bran
Handful of frozen blueberries and strawberries
One scoop of protein powder
One tablespoon of gelatin
250ml of coconut water

Blended it makes a thick smoothie bowl, and you can top it with extra favourite fruits of your choice.”

Watch: Looking for breakfast inspo? Try Paper Tiger’s coconut quinoa porridge. (Post continues after video.)


“My go-to lunch is tuna, avocado and beetroot lettuce cups. I love them. Quick and easy and healthy. Add some chili flakes salt and pepper for taste.”



“My favourite is a home cooked chicken salad. I love making honey and soy lean breast chicken in a salad full of goodness like chick peas, quinoa, corn, tomato, onion, fetta and pine nuts.”

 Evening wind-down

“I believe in giving yourself 10 minutes every day to just breathe and take in all the goodness and positivity that life has to offer. I put on my Lyfestyled Bamboo & Clove candle, cuddle up to my little angel Kelsey Lee and we read a few pages in my book.” (Post continues after gallery.)

 Pre-bed ritual

“After I put my little girl to bed, I love to make a cup of green tea with 1 teaspoon of honey to remind myself it’s time to slow down and get into sleep mode.”

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What does your day on a plate look like?