FLUFF: Kylie's butt is the star of her new 'sexercize' video.

Kylie Minogue, who’s smack-bang in the middle of her very own sexual renaissance, has just released a new vid. And it is RAUNCH TOWN.

This, ah, masterpiece, is Olivia Newtown John’s Let’s Get Physical meets Beyonce’s Single Ladies. It’s called ‘sexercize’ and it’s the second single from Kylie’s 12th studio album. Aussie singer-songwriter Sia helped her write this little sex ditty, should that fact ever come up in pub trivia.

And as usual, the star attraction is Kylie’s Butt. There’s catchy footage of Kylie Butt flexing, Kylie Butt squatting, Kylie Butt sashaying, and most captivating of all, Kylie Butt bouncing on an exercise ball.

It’s a sweaty, sexy, ridiculous, borderline-pornographic, nearly-naked festival of raunch. Did we mention there’s a lesbian love-on scene that includes a nude leotard, some definitely visible nipple action, red heels, and plenty of leaning over?

Aint nobody in the world who can say Kylie’s lost her sex appeal at 45. Girl’s still got it – and she really, really wants you to know all about it.

You should probably see it for yourself. Immediately.

Here are the lyrics.

Presented without comment.

Except that we want to add one comment.

Just one.

And the comment is: WOW.

Flex it real tight / Keep on moving so nice / Move it for me tonight / Let me see you sexercize

It’s not just your body / Gotta keep it up with me / My mind is slammin’ see / Let me see you sexercize

I wanna see you beat all your best times / And if you’re lucky imma teach a class that’ll turn you blind

Sexercize / Come on baby / Sexercize

Feel the burn / Ride it out / Sexercize

Let me see you take it down to the ground / Let me see you pick it up / Let me see you bounce bounce bounce bounce / Let me see you Sexercize

Let me see you take it down to the ground / Let me see you pick it up / Let me see you bounce bounce bounce bounce / Let me see you

Stretch it out baby / Yeah take your time now / I’m burning patiently / Let me see you sexercize / I’ll make you wait for more / Make you ache to the core / Tomorrow you’ll be sore / Let me see you sexercize

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