Kylie talks Michael - "It was great love, and true heartbreak."

Kylie Minogue breaks her silence over her most famous former love.

“It was great love and it was true heartbreak.”

And with that, Kylie Minogue has finally opened up about her relationship with the late Michael Hutchence, during a intimate interview on 60 Minutes.

Kylie is back in Australia after joining the judging panel on Channel Nine’s The Voice. She sat down with Karl Stefanovic to discuss Neighbours, Michael, cancer and her enduring career, and let’s just say that after working steadily for 30 years, at 46, Kylie shows no signs of slowing down.

20 million people tuned into Scott and Charlene's wedding on Neighbours.

More than 20 million people in Australia and the UK watched when Scott and Charlene married on Neighbours, and Kylie went on to become one of the 80s biggest popstars. Karl asked if there's any Charlene left in her and Kylie answered, "You should see me in the morning. When I release my inner bogan, yeah".

But her life underwent a major change when she was propositioned by Australia's hottest rock star, Michael Hutchence at a nightclub.

"I'd never met anyone like that, I really hadn't," she said. When asked what she learned from him she said, "Many things. Ways of the world. We travelled and, I had so many firsts with him. It was great."

Karl asked her if that famed pickup line is accurate. The rumour is that Hutchence said, "Kylie, I don't know whether to take you to lunch or have sex with you." But she refuses to confirm or deny it.

Kylie says she still misses Michael.

"I'm not going to say exactly what the line was because I like that it was just between he and I, but it was something like that."

After two years together Kylie was dumped for supermodel Helena Christensen. She says she was heartbroken but after a time she and Michael made their peace and became close friends until his death in 1997.


"He was just this kind of expansive, all-encompassing love of life and if you have such a strong love and they're not there, that's somehow different to having a strong love of someone where you've got the possibility to see them again or talk or share more experiences.

"I miss him just as much as anyone who was fortunate enough to share time with him."

It was after splitting with Michael that she took a more risque direction with her music, scoring infamy in those gold hot pants in Spinning Around. Then cancer stopped her in her tracks at 37. Of that time, Kylie says she's not sure how she got through it. "Let people take care of you," she was advised. "So I did."

"By the time my hair started growing back it was very exciting, like a miracle."

Kylie says she was inundated with support from fans and she likes to pay it back as often as possible, by visiting sick kids at children's hospitals.

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