FLUFF: The 4 Kylie Minogue Logies moments we need to talk about immediately.

Kylie’s back, baby, for one night only. The 45-year-old singer was the shiniest celebrity at last night’s Logies – and today we cannot stop talking about her.

Let’s break this down. There are 3 big Kylie moments we need to debrief on, and you know where we need to start.

1. That performance.

Did she lip-sync or did Kyles sing live? Did she magically say ‘thank you’ at the end of the song even though she’d dropped her microphone to her side by then? Or was it an optical illusion?

Kylie insists that she sang her new single, I Was Gonna Cancel, completely live. But many, many cynics have called her out for miming. And basically said a collective, “Hey Kylie, the ’90s called and they want all their bad outfits back from your dancers”.

Judge for yourself:

2. The ultimate Kylie flashback reel (AKA The Essence of the ’80s).

There’s nothing better than a celebration of the 1980s, that golden era for lycra and curls. They were totally Kylie’s decade, as proven by this delightful nostalgia clip from Channel 9:

3. This cuddle with Ed Sheeran.

Adorable, no? The singers had an angelic, cosy little snuggle backstage.

4. Sister time, now and then.

Here’s Kylie backstage with her sister Danii Minogue and fellow pop star veteran Paula Abdul last night.

And here’s an incredible Logies flashback photo of Kylie and Danii…

All the red carpet looks from last night HERE:

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