Kylie Jenner is trying to start a new jumper trend and our answer is NO.

On Monday afternoon, Kylie Jenner posted some fashion inspiration to Instagram.

At first, it looked as though there was nothing new. Until we became genuinely concerned – because the reality TV star and kosmetics kween appears to be missing half of her jumper.

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Of course, each to their own as the saying goes, but this is one winter trend we really hope goes quietly. It’s also kind of alarming – we hate to be the overprotective mum here, but girl’s gonna catch a cold if her jumper has no… jumper section.

And we have questions. Where’s the rest of your jumper? What if you forgot to wear a t-shirt underneath? Do you feel… silly?

But also, R U OK KYLIE? Do you need to talk to someone? Are you in immediate danger that’s making you sacrifice parts of your jumper?

We’re going to presume no to the later, considering your selfie game wouldn’t be so strong if you were in a life-threatening situation.

But we’re sure SOMETHING must have happened here because no one in their right mind would wear their jumper like this… right?

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It could’ve been any number of things, including but not limited to:

  • She spilt barbecue sauce down the front and panicked.
  • Lindsay Lohan did a Mean girls and tried to sabotage her a la Regina George and now Kylie is trying to own it.
  • She hates the mono boob effect of oversized jumpers but still wants to try the trend.
  • The jumper got caught while shredding Kylie Lip Kit complaints.
  • She was trying to dress like the regular folk but is so unbelievably out of touch she has no idea what regular folks like us wear.
  • She attempted to 3D print a sweater but it malfunctioned a fifth of the way through.
  • Her doggo ate it.
  • It was half price on the sale rack.
  • She gets real bad boob sweat and needs ventilation.

Kylie is yet to release a statement regarding the matter, but for now all we can do is #prayforkylie.

Is Instagram fashion getting out of hand? Is Kylie fashionable or just down right impractical?