FLUFF: See the 50-year-old actress who refuses to get plastic surgery.

Kristian Alphonso has played the role of Hope Williams Brady on the gripping soap opera Days Of Our Lives since 1983.

And she told The Daily Telegraph today that she’s determined not to try and force her face to stay in 1983.

Alphonso, 50, insists that she’s taking a stand against plastic surgery, because she wants her face to reflect her age and the life of dramatic GASP!-ing that she’s lived.

Kristian Alfonso

“I want my grandchildren to recognise me… and my children,” Alfonso told the Telegraph. “In the old pictures, they’ll say she’s aged and you know, she’s lived life.”

In Sydney to promote Days Of Our Lives being picked up by Foxtel’s Arena (after being dropped by Channel 9 in a move that devastated shift workers across the nation), Alfonso says that she’s going to age gracefully, without the aid of surgery. “I’m too afraid to do anything,” she said.

Here’s Alfonso dramatically posing through the ages:

In the 80s (via)

In the 90s (via)

In the 2000s (via)

Today (via)

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