Kristen Bell assaulted by a photographer. Is it OK because she's famous?

Breaking: Kristen Bell continues to be swashbucklingly awesome.

She was verbally abused by a street photographer, who slammed his fists on her car door and called her c-word for not complying with his requests for a photo. She responded flawlessly, as she continues her rampage against the paparazzi.

In a HuffPo Live interview, Kristen reveals a quick anecdote that perfectly demonstrates how f#&$%ed the behaviour of these professional privacy-invaders can be.

Watch this video and you tell me: Is verbal assault and physical intimidation of human beings OK just because they’re famous?

The paparazzi defend their behaviour by saying they’re just doing their job. They need the photos to live, it’s their precious livelihood, etc etc.

But Kristen has just called bullshit on that.

And I’m with her.

The old “paparazzi just doing their job, leave those guys alone” argument just doesn’t have a shiny celebrity leg to stand on anymore. When their “job” requires them to harass, intimidate, threaten, chase, and taunt celebrities on the streets, in their cars, outside their hotels and homes, and at the park with their kids… Well, it’s time to change their job description.

The red carpet, where media yell at celebrities to get their attention, is child’s play compared to what these people put up with every day. And sure, yes, they’re incredibly wealthy, successful, privileged humans.

But since when did fame justify stalking and harassment? Why do we think so many celebrities are getting in legal trouble for beating up paparazzi? Are we really cool with aggressive, often violent men hounding people with families and feelings just so we can glance at their picture when we flick through a mag at the hairdresser?

Ugh. It’s so icky. Relentless pressure from paparazzi has pushed famous people over the edge before: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, our own Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington.They may not all be sympathetic figures, but they’re still humans who desire their fair share of sanity.

I’m with Kristen Bell on this one. I think she deserves to drive her car through LA without having someone call her a c#&$. And she should be able to take her kids out in public without fearing for their safety.

Do celebrities deserve privacy? Do you think paparazzi should stop taking photos of kids?