We know why the MKR 'mums' nailed it last night

Yeah, yeah, their food was pretty good, but the ‘mums’ on MKR last night had a secret weapon, and we know what it was…

South Australian mums Bree and Jessica served up their Instant Restaurant last night on My Kitchen Rules and boy, was it amazing. We think we know why they did so well and it has nothing to do with the fact they decided to mop the floor while making dessert.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating Adelaide mums Bree and Jessica. Finally it was their turn to dish out their Instant Restaurant last night. They’ve been playing their cards pretty close to their chests and fellow contestants weren’t expecting much from them, perhaps some nice, homely cooking.

They couldn’t have been more shocked by what these two amazing mums served.

From the scallops to steak and chips to raspberry mousse to comparing their perfectly cooked beef with childbirth, these two mums delivered and it’s because they were able to stay calm as their Instant Restaurant threatened to descend into chaos.

Potential disaster number one: Getting their girls out of bed that morning

Potential disaster number two: Finding fresh, local scallops

Potential disaster number three: Trying to cook challenging salt dough beef for main with the dough having to rest for an hour

Potential disaster number four: Misplacing half of the beef then realising they hadn't actually bought them

Potential disaster number five: The smoke alarm going off while they were preparing the entree

Potential disaster number six: The scallops not all caramelising consistently

Potential disaster number seven: Not knowing whether the beef was cooked then realising it was perfect.

Funnily enough it was the dish they didn't have any trouble with that the judges didn't like, which was the dessert. Raspberry mousse served on a mud cake base proved a little to confusing for Pete and Manu, and fair enough. The mums normally made this dessert with sponge cake. They broke a golden rule of all cooking shows when they decided to change what was already a delicious dessert into something more impressive, and failed. Still, we can't fault them for the assumption that chocolate goes with everything. It does, almost.


The absolute golden moment on last night's episode was watching them stress out over whether the beef was cooked, putting it in the oven, out of the oven, back in the oven and then pulling out again before deciding to go for it and slice it. When it was revealed as being cooked to perfection Bree said, "This is how I felt when I had my daughter and I held her for the first time". Ha!

She later explained, "It doesn't compare to having my children, obviously, but that feeling of relief."

Yes, we totally understand.

The key to cooking shows and life is not letting your mind be clouded. Feeling stressed and pressured is one thing, but still making the right choices despite that stress and pressure is another. That's what sorts the winners from the losers when it comes to My Kitchen Rules. I plan to try and channel their brilliant coping skills into everyday life. I said try.

As Jessica finished dessert Bree started sweeping and mopping the floor which made me laugh.

So the two mums from Adelaide are safe in the competition. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. I'd love to see more everyday meals like steak and chips turned into fine dining. Gourmet fish fingers? Perhaps. Nuggets? Noodles?

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Do you think mums have the advantage when it comes to being cool amid chaos?

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