Kim Kardashian just seriously topped her butt cover.

Wow. Just wow.

Thought it couldn’t get more full on than a pic of Kim’s behind on the cover of Paper Magazine?

Well it just did.

More pictures have surfaced from the photo shoot that broke the internet. And they certainly don’t leave much to the imagination.

Kim's reason behind doing the shoot was apparently to show the world how she bounced back after welcoming her daughter North West. TMZ also reports it's Kim's "last stand" before planning to fall pregnant again.

Before Kim Kardashian broke the internet, she was spotted toting an $20,000 Hermes bag (a gift from Kanye for her 34th birthday) with big paint splashes and hand prints all over it.

The owner of the teeny hand prints? North West.

As a sweet surprise, Kanye let North loose on the bag before he gave it to Kim.

Kim Kardashian posted this photo to Instagram with the caption: Me & my bae out today. Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North.

A $20,000 bag has her one-year-old child's hand print on it. I would have fainted from horror, but hey, I'll probably never own an $20K bag.

According to Kim, North's artwork is so good that she initially thought it was "a new artist" who painted her bag. "I had thought it was this new artist who had painted this purse," she told Us Weekly of the extravagant present. "[But] it was my daughter. It was amazing."

A close up of the bag. Via Getty.

Kim also dished that the thoughtful gift included a video of North painting the purse. "On my computer was this message that said 'Play,' and it was a video of my daughter sitting outside painting the purse," she shared.

Customised Hermes bags seem to be a favourite Kanye gift, he previously gave her a hand-painted Hermes Birkin bag by artist George Condo for Christmas.

Do you like the bag? Would you let your child paint on your accessories?

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