Fluff: Everyone's saying that Kim Kardashian Photoshopped her butt.

Kim Kardashian allegedly Photoshops herself. Because New Year.

It’s only January, but we think we we may have found Photoshop fail #2 of the year.

You see, apparently Kim Kardashian has done a Miranda Kerr and retouched one of her Instagram selfies.

The mother of one and reality star took to Instagram on Sunday to share selfie’s of her and BFF Blac Chyna in her Momager’s bathroom getting ‘right for the new year’.

 But after much internet circulation and criticism, it seems that the photo on the right has been altered. Photoshop pro Peete J made this GIF:

See the door? Yep, it’s bending. And unless Kanye has invented bending doors in the last two weeks, we’re pretty sure this means it’s photo-shopped. Sigh.

Did Sam and Lara get married?

God bless Instagram.

The social media site has sent the internet into overdrive about whether or not Lara Bingle and actor boyfriend Sam Worthington have maybe, possibly said ‘I do’/

Bingle’s best friend Vicki Lee last night posted a cryptic shot of the bikini model at a location that looks suspiciously like a small beachside wedding.

This isn’t the first time there has been speculation about whether or not the Aussie couple have tied the knot.

However to add to the intrigue, the caption read, “Here comes the bride, all dressed in bikini,” with Lara doing nothing to clear up the rumours except saying “it’s vicki and my wedding”. Cue, social freakout.

Because everything on the internet should most definitely be believed, we’re going to go ahead and hope this is indeed true, people.

Only time will tell…

Jennifer Lawrence does it again. Proving that she is just like us – well, kinda.

Speaking to Candice Chung about her fall at last years Oscars, J-Law revealed the only thing on her mind was cake.

“I was at the Oscars, waiting to hear
 if my name was called, and I kept thinking, Cakewalk, cakewalk, cakewalk. I thought, Why is ‘cakewalk’ stuck in my head?”

Then it dawned on her

“…as I started to walk up the stairs and the fabric from my dress tucked under my feet, I realised my stylist had told me, ‘Kick, walk, kick, walk.’ You are supposed to kick the dress out while you walk, and I totally forgot because I was thinking about cake! And that’s why I fell.”

We love a woman who can turn up on a red carpet in a couture dress, wait patiently to see if she is going to win an Oscar and think about cake at the same time.

Does this mean it’s over?

Shane Warne doesn’t follow Liz Hurley on Twitter anymore.

According to news sites, the fact that Warne is not following Hurley’s daily updates is the “strongest evidence so far” that the Wurley relationship (is that a phrase people use? Or did we make it up?) is over.

We did check and it appears that Mr Warne is indeed not following Ms Hurley anymore, but a quick scan of Hurley’s account shows that she is still following him.

So…? Your guess is as good as ours.

Single and ready to mingle

Jake Gyllenhall be single. Run don’t walk.

Break ups are always sad. But relationships do end, people go their separate ways, lead lives as individuals rather than a pair blah blah blah yadda yadda JAKE GYLLENHAAL BE SINGLE Y’ALL.

Ahem. Actor Jake Gyllennhaal, 33, has confirmed that he has split from sports model girlfriend, Alyssa Miller. Apparently his long stints in Los Angeles filming a new movie called Nightcrawler became too much for the couple.

We’re devastated for him obviously. And stand ready and waiting to help comfort the man during this difficult stage in his life. Gyllenhaal has also dated singer Taylor Swift and actresses Kristin Dunst and Reese Witherspoon in the past.

Could it be true?

SJP talks possible SATC reunion. World goes M.A.D.

Okay, don’t get too excited, it hasn’t been confirmed (and they have been talking about it since the end of the 2nd film).

But Sarah Jessica Parker has told InStyle magazine that Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda may be reuniting on the big screen. (Please let this be true, pretty please.)

SJP said, “A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell. But timing is a peculiar thing. It isn’t a decision that can wait forever.” Indicating they can’t have a Sex and the City: The Grandma Years.

Even Kristin Davis (aka Charlotte) recently said that there is discussion about a third film. Although Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda) wasn’t as enthusiastic saying, “I think it’s fine to let it go.”

Let’s hope the third film will be better than the second.

Rejoice! Everyone’s favourite family is coming to Australia.

Modern family is set to head down under as part of Qantas’ partnership with 20th century fox. You know what this means you guys? Phil Dumphy and the whole Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucke clan are going on vacation in Australia. We can’t wait to see what dorky dad jokes will appear in that episode. We can’t wait!