FLUFF: Kim Kardashian baby-mania officially reaches insanity levels.

The Aphrodite-esque life-size sculpture of a pregnant Kim Kardashian.







1. A life-size waxwork sculpture of a pregnant Kim Kardashian has been unveiled… featuring “lactiferous breasts”. The piece is part of an exhibition titled “L.A. Fertility”, and according to the artist visitors are encouraged to “give a respectful rub [to the belly] for good luck and success”. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Artist Daniel Edwards, whose work in on display at LAB ART Gallery, said the sculpture “was inspired by the beauty of Kim Kardashian”, because he had “felt quite put-off by the media’s criticism of her weight gain during pregnancy … Such criticism should be off limits.”

Baby Kimye and The Royal Foetus. Just chillin’.

But Kim is not Edwards’ only muse – also on display is his sculpture “Womb Mates”, which has also aptly been called “Baby Kimye and the Royal Heir.”

The artwork features – yep, you guessed it – Baby Kimye and the Royal Foetus (complete with miniature crown) intertwined in gold. With angel wings.

Edwards reportedly used leaked 3D ultrasounds from Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton’s pregnancies, to help him envisage what the two rap-royalty and royalty-royalty babies will look like.

2. Which singer has revealed to Rolling Stone that she signed a no-suicide contract when she was seven

3. In other very important Kardashian news, Kim Kardashian hasn’t even given birth yet… but In Touch Magazine has gotten the scoop early.

The gossip magazine published a cover with the screaming headline “Alone in the delivery room”, and a tagline that continued “All about her sad first days as a single mum”. We repeat. Kim has not actually given birth yet. Um, okay.

Aline in the delivery room…even though she hasn’t given birth yet…

Also included is an inset picture of Kim looking distressed, while lying down on a bed (presumably supposed to represent her lonesome birthing pains). Some internet commenters have suggested that the picture is actually a photo of Kim receiving a brazillian on air.


5. Richard Branson plans on sending a celebrity-filled Virgin Galactic flight into space as early as next year. Click here to see, which A-list stars and (and obnoxious pop singers) have booked tickets. You won’t believe how much they paid as a deposit.

6. A meteorologist and news anchor give a “master class in highly public passive-aggressive behaviour.”

A montage of clips of Philadelphia-based TV New Anchor Nicole Brewer and ‘Weather Girl’ Carol Erickson from CBS 3 has gone viral, after someone extremely dedicated put together a YouTube video of the numerous passive-aggressive exchanges between the two women.


Did it jut drop about 15 degrees around here?

We’ll have to ask the meteorologist, but it feels cold all of a sudden.

7. Jessica Simpson has put her house up for sale with an $8million price tag. Take a stickybeak inside and decide if it’s worth the moolah.

8. Miranda Kerr posted this photo to Instagram this week.

And then she went on American television show Fox and Friends, where she did another bendy thing with her body.

The point of all this is: Miranda is very bendy. We suspect most women pulled their doonas higher up over their chins, and only momentarily regretted not getting out of bed at 5am to do yoga.

9. Days after former Glee star Charice Pempengco wiped away tears as she confessed to being gay on a Filipino TV show, one of her co-stars has addressed the rumours about his own sexuality. Read what he had to say here.

10. Victoria Beckham gets it very, very right.

In a speech after she won Woman of the Decade at the Glamour Awards, Victoria Beckham talked about the importance of women supporting other women, cracked a few totally candid jokes about penises, AND said ‘girl power’ while giving the peace sign.

You can watch her whole acceptance speech below:

Girl power indeed.