Fluff: Kim Kardashian involved in a Kar Krash in LA.

Kim Kardashian has Krashed her Kar and kalled the other guy a koward.

Well when we say krashed, we really mean kinked.

And when we say koward, we really mean they hugged it out and went on their merry way.

(It was too good an opportunity to pass up using all the Ks. You understand).

But for celebrity Kim Kardashian, this crash really was up there with the worst.

Just LOOK at the enormous damage done to her $100,000 car. Look! It’s there, on the front, to the left. It’s krazy messed up. That left side is scuffed, if you squint.

But if you think this is bad, you should see the other guy.

Woahhh. Can’t get much worse than that.

The collision occurred when the other driver indicated he was turning right, but instead just kept on going straight.

Meanwhile, Kim K was waiting to turn left out of the street, and believing the other driver would be turning at the same time, turned rather carelessly.

The two former strangers reportedly drove to a nearby hotel and exchanged details, before hugging and saying goodbye.

No report on how Kanye feels about Kim K getting cosy with the person from the car crash.

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