FLUFF: What's wrong with this picture of Kanye, Kimmy, and North West?

First, we thought it was hilarious to dub this photograph ‘the exact moment social media imploded’.

When this photograph by photographer Annie Lebowitz of Kanye West taking a photograph of Kim Kardashian taking a photograph of herself and their baby North was leaked by Vogue yesterday, we thought we’d found the ultimate Awkward Family Photo.

But then we noticed something even weirder about this photo.

Look closely.

And then let’s play a game: What’s wrong with this picture?

Did you spot it?

Did you notice how Kanye West DOESN’T HAVE A REFLECTION?

Look, the internet’s gone mad overnight with this, with a lot of speculation that Kanye West is actually a vampire (vampires don’t have reflections, if you’re not versed in Twilight trivia. They also sparkle in the sunlight, which should be the next way we check whether he is Vampire or Human).

The most likely explanation here is Photoshop (if you’re willing to exclude the Vampire Theory, which obviously has merit at this stage).

There are a few more visual boo-boos here: The photograph on Kanye’s iPad doesn’t match the angle it’s taken from. The photographer should also appear in the mirror – Annie, where are you?

Have we missed anything? Can you spot any other mistakes in this Vogue photo? 

Speaking of Photoshop fails…

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