FLUFF: Did Kim and Kanye just get secret-married?

Has the world’s most public couple just pulled off the world’s most secret wedding?

In almost genuinely unbelievable news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may already be married.

We’re hearing extremely loud rumours that the King and Queen of Tabloid, aka “Kimye”, have already tied the knot. Their official wedding is booked in for 24th May, but according to French law, you have to live with your love-friend for 40 days in the country before you walk down the aisle. So apparently, Kim and Kanye got married in LA this week to solve that problem.

A “source” has told Life & Style: “Kim and Kanye are now married on paper. They got their license in California over the past few days.”

This marriage lasted 72 days.

They’re on their way to New Yawk right now and they’re still planning to go ahead with their lavish Parisian wedding later this month. An event which will have 200 guests – and each person gets a goodie bag worth $125,000 full of champagne and other ridiculous trinkets.

Look, if Kimmy K and Kanye really did pull off a legit secret wedding, we have no choice but to be extremely impressed. This is a couple who live and breathe television.

Kim Kardashian’s outfit choices, baby photos, famous body parts and every single movement make worldwide headlines every day. The woman can scarcely breathe without making news. She certainly can’t leave the house with her soon-to-be-husband without being hounded by paparazzi.

So for Kim to get married in secret? When you compare that to the spectacle of her last wedding, to Kris Humphries? It’s borderline extraordinary. We genuinely don’t know how she did it. If she did it. Which she may have.

Speaking of celebrity weddings…

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