Reports that Kim Jong-un will make his spunky haircut mandatory for all citizens.

Rumours have been swirling this week that a new mandate in North Korea states all men must follow Kim Jong-un’s stylish lead and get this impressive 90s-style undercut:

A segment on Radio Free Asia indicated that Dearest Leader/Horrific Psycho Kim Jong-un had introduced the new haircut rule in Pyongyang about two weeks ago.

Cue internet hysteria and a seemingly never-ending supply of 90’s boy band jokes.

But (and somewhat unfotunately for the people excitedly salivating with their finger on the photoshop button – damn a lot of celebs would look funny with that ‘do’), it appears the rumours are just that: rumours.

According to NK News (a website based in the US that attmepts to find the truth behind all the doctored ‘news’ stories that come out of North Korea): “Rumors about North Korea based on anonymous sources often emerge in the mainstream media, leading to an echo-chamber effect.”

And sadly, there is nothing to support the claims that millions of men are walking around Pyongyang looking like they just stepped out of the Backstreet’s Back video. There are guidelines in North Korea that state hair can’t be too long but that’s about the extent of it. NK News quoted sources who have been in the country as recently as last week, all of whom said they didn’t see an outrageous flood of undercuts.

It was almost such an awesome story about a horrific murderous dictator and his crazy hair.

Oh well. We’ll leave you with this instead: