Aussie kids are worried about our planet, and they want to take action.

Aussie kids are worried about the planet, according to new research.

WWF-Australia says six out of 10 kids – aged between seven and 12 years old – are concerned about one or more environmental issues.

In a study of 500 children, some ranked environmental worries over terrorism (23 per cent) and nearly a third (30 per cent) were concerned about loss of animal species.

Almost seven out of 10 kids said it was “very important” for people do something to protect the environment.

“I have lots of good ideas about how kids can make a difference. From not wasting food, to walking to school, to turning off lights, to buying food from local markets,” says Lily, 10, from Adelaide.

A view on the environment from Harriet Darvall (10). Image supplied.

"All of these small actions can make a big difference if they are added up over a year."

The results of the study come just ahead of the 10th anniversary of the lights-out event, Earth Hour, which is set to be held on March 25.

WWF-Australia a is calling on children and adults to turn off their lights at 8.30pm as a symbol of support for a low pollution, clean energy future for all generations.

“We want our children to have a bright future," said WWF-Australia's CEO, Dermot O’Gorman.

"That’s why we need to tackle global warming and take advantage of the affordable, abundant renewable energy opportunities we have in Australia," he added.

Indigo Kohn, 10, who was born the year the call-to-action started, said he wanted to stop climate change because it's "killing everything that is nice".

"The world's just going to become bleak and boring if we don't stop it," he told WWF-Australia.

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Ten-year-old Saskia said we could end up with "a really bad earth" if steps weren't taken toward stopping climate change.

"I think everyone needs to help and take a step to caring," she said.

Beau Backes, 10, says he's committed to the lights-off action event.

"Small things can make a big difference, so just an hour can make a difference," he said.

How do you teach your kids to appreciate the environment?

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