Do your kids know as much about sex as these 8-year-olds?

These primary schoolkids have been watching the adults around them. And what they know about sex is very… interesting

What did you know about sex when you were 8? Not much, right? Well, times have changed. Meet two 8-year-olds who maybe know a little too much about sex, and love, and all that jazz.

Ted Scheinman’s sister is a teacher. Two of her students wrote a ‘book’ on love on a napkin. It was full of fun facts. These 8-year-old girls have some pretty interesting ideas about love and sex. He posted it on Twitter.

We can only wonder where they got these ideas from. Brace yourself.

The book of love, eight-year-old style. Image supplied.

Just in case you have trouble reading napkin, here is the list:

1. First you stare at the person

2. You get close to each other

3. You ask for a date

4. You go in bed and do sex

5. When you kiss you suck and lick

6. Get nacked in bed and do more sex

7. Left blank...

8. Go dance and put your noses together

9. Left blank...

10. Then kiss forever

11. Take a shower together and kiss

12. Give each other rings

13. Go to the pool together

Thankfully numbers 14 - 24 have been left blank.

It's clear to me that these kids have learned about sex from TV and movies. Where else is love about sex and sex about taking showers together and getting in the pool together?


To me, this 'book' is a clear sign that we need to talk to our children about love and sex. If we don't teach them about love and sex, then TV and movies will. Is that how you want your children to form ideas about love and sex?

Not me.

I sat my son down at the age of nine and explained exactly how love and sex work because his friends were talking about it at school. Some of the ideas he was forming were ridiculous. I was criticised for doing it too early but by lifting the veil, he no longer finds the silly conversations his friends have funny.

I told him how love and sex work but explained that he is too young to even think about it. He has 'crushes' but I told him that they aren't old enough to do anything except be friends, and that's a good thing because the person he ends up with will be his best friend.

Sex is something he will want to do later. I told him not to worry about kissing and sex until he is ready. I also explained concepts such as the age of consent, consent in general and the fact that I expect him to hold hands and do nothing else as long as possible

But when he is ready to come and talk to me.

As a result of this honesty, Philip has started to focus on friendship and love. Here is the latest poem he wrote for the girl he has a crush on. It's on my fridge right now. Not a mention of noses, sex, showers or pools...

It says:

K is my hopes and dreams An angel appeared in front of me. The girl I like is mine to seek. Her beauty I cannot resist. Even if something happens I will always love her. Roses is what I need for her to be mine. I am close to her always. Neither would I never let her be hurt. Everything to me is K.

Okay, so clearly he has been listening to way too many nineties loves songs, and I may have forgotten to explain what a stalker is, but I'm trying.

Do these 8-year-olds know too much? Do you think you should share information about love and sex with love and sex early, or wait until they ask?