Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the week.

Welcome to Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the Week.

Here’s how it works: Each week, we pick the biggest Shocker, Hero and Whinger from the last seven days. Shocker is whatever moment or person left our jaws on the floor. Hero is whoever won the week by being awesome. And whinger? Well, that’s pretty much just someone who has had a major sooky-la-la moment. Let’s do this.

Shocker of the week goes to…

This woman:

Stella Ralfini, 67 years old, insists her youthful appearance comes down to one secret:

Regularly smearing her face with sperm.

Like, actual human man sperm. We covered her story here (don’t pretend like you don’t want to know the details).

Hero of the week goes to…

It’s a tie this week, between all the people who reached out to support nine-year-old bullying victim Grayson Bruce. Grayson was told by school officials that he had to stop bringing his Rainbow Dash backpack to school, because it was making other kids want to bully him.

Grayson’s backpack.

His mum was outraged that the school asked Grayson to change rather than asking the bullies to, you know, STOP BULLYING. So, she started a support group for Grayson on Facebook that now has over 65,ooo followers. And those followers have sent in message after message of support for Grayson, telling him that My Little Pony is awesome and he should never change who he is.
Read his story here and look through the gallery of amazing Grayson supporters here:

Whinger of the week goes to…

This kid, who threw an epic tantrum at a baseball game in Sydney on Thursday night. Team Australia (yeah – we have a baseball team apparently) were playing the LA Dodgers in an exhibition match when one of the players threw a foul-ball to a boy in the crowd.

The ball fell short, so a security guard picked it up. But he gave it to the WRONG KID.

Cue: Total meltdown.

Who’s your Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the week?