FLUFF: "You are so f*cking desperate..." Which Kardashian just attacked Sam Armytage?

Khloe Kardashian had a full-blown tantrum on Sunrise this morning, cutting off an interview and launching a twitter tirade about the popular morning TV show.

The 29-year-old appeared live from LA on the show to answer questions about the Kardashian Kollection’s new baby clothing line- but things turned sour when host Sam Armytage asked about Khloe’s niece North West.

‘And I guess the baby line is inspired by nieces and nephews starting to arrive, how’s baby North going?’ Sam asked.

Khloe responded normally at first, saying, “North is fabulous, she’s so beautiful. Penelope’s obsessed with her and it’s so cute to see that cousin dynamic.”

But abruptly, the live feed was then cut off. And that’s where things got weird.

Sunrise took to Twitter to explain that Khloe had ended the call:

And Khloe hit back with:’


Armytage and co-host David Koch then went on air to deny her claims.

“Our information from LA was that the plug was pulled when we talked about baby North,” Armytage said.

“We were not given any information that that was off limits, you are launching a babies’ clothing line which you yourself admitted was inspired by your nieces and nephews.”

Khloe later tweeted ‘Sorry KhloMoney took my phone’, referring to her outspoken alter-ego.

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