Kan you spot the Kardashian in this Kampaign?

You’ve got to hand it to Givenchy’s Creative Director Ricardo Tisci  – he keeps things in the family.

The man who designed Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress, and has almost singlehandedly given North West the most impressive baby wardrobe of all time (ALL TIME!) has just cast Kendall Jenner, Kim’s 21-year-old half sister, in his latest campaign. Earlier this year, Kendall walked as a model for the house’s Fall/Winter show.

Even though we knew Kendall was in the campaign, it took us a little while to pick her.

Givenchy's Fall/Winter 2014 campaign

She's on the far left of the right panel in this first image, next to Mariacarla Boscono. And she's sitting on the couch in the left hand corner, next to super model Stephanie Seymour's son here:

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014 campaign

Why so different looking? It's all in the eyebrows. Or rather, the lack of eyebrows. In addition to powdering away Kendall's usual tan, the campaign has also bleached out her usually dark brown brows to create a slightly spooky, baby-like look.

Big props for the whole campaign though, because as well as featuring teen celebrities it also stars 61-year-old French actress Isabelle Huppert, who could well be the most gorgeous model of the lot.