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"Kim, people are dying" and every other iconic moment you’d totally forgotten about on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

We're still trying to get over the devastating news that Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be ending this week.

After a whopping 18 seasons, the iconic show will be wrapping, and we’re 99.9 per cent sure it’s because Kourtney can’t be bothered filming anymore. 

But to celebrate the glory that was this reality TV show, we’ve rounded up the best and most hilarious moments from the last 13 years so you can have a dramatic walk down memory lane.

Listen to Kee Reece and Laura Brodnik discuss why the Kardashians just quit their own show on Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast,The Spill. Post continues after podcast. 

That time Kim was pumped to be at the top of Google, so Kourtney served up a large slice of humble pie.

But, who’s number one?

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When Khloe was going to jail for a DUI and all Kim could do was take selfies.

“Kimberley will you stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail.”

When Kris got a pet pig and Kylie legitimately thought it was a chicken.

We’re getting flashbacks to, “Tuna, the chicken of the sea”.


That time Kim walloped her sister with her handbag.

After hearing Khloe have a bitch about her.

Fast forward 10 years and the exact same thing happened again.

But this time leather pants were involved. 

Watch Kim and Kourtney fight (again) on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Post continues after video.

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That time Scott questioned the fertility gods.



When we first met Kim’s ‘ugly crying face’.

Next minute, Kim makes an entire emoji brand based off this very face.

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And then it came back during an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Hello old friend, so good to see you again. 


When Kris failed miserably at a digital detox.

*Googles ‘Can you die from phone withdrawals?’*

When Scott beautifully reminded Kim that she didn’t need a free yoga membership.

But, we’ll take it Kim.

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When Kris fully admitted Oprah was more important to her than her own grandchild.

“You heartless wench.”

That time Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean.

Perhaps the most iconic moment in Kardashian history. Yes, we know that’s a big call, but it’s accurate. 


When Kim was diagnosed with psoriasis and Khloe knew exactly what mumager Kris was thinking.

Business on the brain, 24/7.

When Scott Disick was savage about Kim and Kris Humphries' marriage.

For the record, their marriage lasted 72 days. 

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And then Kourtney followed suit and bagged on Rob and Blac Chyna’s engagement.

To be fair, she wasn’t wrong as the couple never even made it to the altar. 


And because she couldn’t resist, Kris Jenner also took a savage swipe at Kim and Kris Humphries’ short-lived marriage.

Always was and always will be the queen.

One of many times Scott Disick pranked Kris Jenner.

“It’s me! Todd Kraines!”


When the phrase “ABCDEFG I have to go” was officially invented.

And thus encouraging four million TikToks. 

When Kris called Khloe and she answered with, “Hi Satan!”.

“Hey Mum,” simply did not suffice.


That one time Khloe woke Kim up, proving she is definitely NOT a morning person.

Yes Khloe, you did cross the line.

That time Scott flew a chick out to the family vacay and Kourtney had to strategise about her revenge.

In this moment, Kourtney was every woman after a brutal breakup. 


But before Kourtney could even f**k all the guys, her fam decided to weigh in.

As all protective sisters should. 

Just these three times that Kourtney Kardashian was our spirit animal.



And of course, the only memory we could ever sign off on: When Kris was the most supportive mum on a Playboy shoot.

“You’re doing amazing sweetie.”

Thank you Keeping Up With The Kardashians for keeping us so damn entertained. 

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