Katie Price has some final words for her husband's lovers.

And they aren’t PG.

Katie Price, 36, has had quite the year.

She fell pregnant with her 5th child.

Then found out that her husband Kieran Hayler, was cheating with her.

With not one, but two of her friends.

But don’t worry, she took back her former stripper husband, blaming her two friends. But did mention that she would never forgive Kieran, 27.

Via Katie's Instagram.

Then she gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Bunny and lived happily-ever-after.

Uhh...maybe not.

As Katie and Kieran celebrated 2015, she took to twitter to share some wisdom with her former friends. She had to do it over 3 tweets because twitter will only allow so many words of wisdom per tweet.

Happy New Year indeed. 

Katie was partying it up with friends in London, despite going under the knife in November for her 7th plastic surgery operation. This time to reduce her breast size from 23DD to 32C.

Earlier this year Katie told Fabulous magazine about the affiars, "I won't forgive him and I won't forget. But I love him and I'm sticking by him. This has been the most hellish, insane, vile year of my life, but I've come out of it a better, stronger and more determined woman. I have never cheated on anyone after taking marriage vows. I hate cheats and I won't tolerate them, but with Kieran it was more complicated."

And she added that her kids know all about Daddy cheating, "They all witnessed everything because when it happened, we were all together on holiday. I was in pieces. The kids know he took a lie detector test."

We just hope Katie has a better 2015. 

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