Hey Kate Middleton, we stand with you and your "un-pedicured" feet.

Today the world woke up to some truly horrifying news indeed. Kate Middleton has shown a chink in her impossibly perfect armour.

It turns out the Duchess of Cambridge does not have photo-ready feet at all times. In fact, her feet, according to some “leading experts”, could be in grave, grave trouble.

It all started over in India, where Kate and Prince William are currently on a seven-day tour. The couple attended the Gandhi Smriti museum where the famous “father of India” spent the last few years of his life before he was assassinated in 1948.

In order to visit certain parts of the museum one needs to remove their shoes. The Duchess obliged, slipping her sheer stockinged feet out of their Rupert Sanderson pumps and straight into the sights of horrified onlookers and photographers.

Image: Getty. Gasp! Bare toenails.

As you can see, Kate doesn’t appear to be wearing any nail polish.

Let’s allow a moment for that fact to sink in.

The Duchess of Cambridge is potentially rocking out on a royal tour sans nail polish.


Image: Getty. The infamous toes.

Cue: pandemonium.

TMZ cleverly pointed out that “there is zero evidence of any fancy pedicure or nail polish.”

Hollywood Life added that Kate “surprised us all when she ditched her heels... revealing clawed toes, and bunions, AND fallen arches!” 

The British media have recently been slamming Wills and Kate. Have the public fallen out of love with them? Post continues after video...

Daily Mail reported that Kate should “wear 'custom made orthotics'” as this is surely the only solution for such grotesque, clawed feet.


Image: Getty. The claws Kate has been keeping underwraps... 

That sound you hear? It’s every woman, myself included, wiggling their equally un-"fancy" feet in solidarity with Kate and her seeming lack of nail polish.

It's every woman nodding to herself as she conjures up the delightful thought, if the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't paint her toenails, surely I don't have to bother either.

You see, her feet look bloody gorgeous to me, regardless of all the critical attention. There are no signs of strange-smelling gunk under her toenails.

None are black from an unfortunate person-in-heels-treading-on-you incident. There are no corns or stubbly toe hairs that need to be shaved into submission. I’d say as far as feet go - and we’re talking about arguably the most unattractive body part here - hers are a solid 10.

Some photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William on their trip to India. Post continues after gallery...

Yet many media outlets are encouraging us to #PrayForKate and her heinous feet that are damaged from wearing heels too often, despite the pair’s only supposed crime being no visible trace of nail polish (this has all been determined through stockings, mind you).

Well power to you and those bare toes, Duchess.

While it might be a small, and let’s be honest, most likely unintentional display of not doing what the world expects of her, it's refreshing all the same.

Meanwhile, Prince William’s feet have managed to evade us. There’s been no reference to the outfits he’s packed for his India to trip. No expert assessments of what wearing a suit in the heat can do to one's health. Funny that.

Now, who's going to pass me the nailpolish remover?

Image: Getty.