FLUFF: Is Kate Middleton pregnant again?

Hold your Royal horses. Shut the palace door. Put the Queen’s corgies on a leash. Could the Duchess be pregnant again?

Before you roll your peasant eyes and dismiss this glorious rumour, there is some evidence.

First there’s the matter of Duchess Catherine’s (AKA Kate Middleton) drink choice during the unveiling of a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth in New Zealand last week. While everyone else in attendance drank wine or champagne, Kate sipped from a flute of water.

On its own, that’s not enough to see us whipping out the knitting needles to make the next Royal baby a new scarf, but it’s a start.

AND THEN Prince William hinted to a total stranger that little Prince George might be getting a sibling. As the Duke and Duchess laid down a wreath of flowers at the war memorial in New Zealand, a woman called Cynthea handed them a woollen shawl she’d made for little Prince William, who’s currently eight months old.

As she handed the shawl to Wills, he said: “You might have to make another one soon.”

Cynthea later told reporters it was “like he was dropping a hint, letting me in on a secret”.

For all we know, Prince William may have been hinting that Cynthea should knit him a sweater. Or, as Cynthea seems to be suggesting, William just couldn’t contain the baby news and blurted it out to this one random woman holding a shawl in New Zealand.

William, Kate and little George are currently on their tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Prince George’s activities so far include playing with non-Royal babies, crying and staying at home while a commoner baby sneezed on his mama, Kate.

And the highlights of the tour…

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