FLUFF: Commoner baby sneezed on Duchess Kate's $4000 dress.

One does not simply sneeze on the Duchess of Cambridge’s exquisite sky-blue dress. Unless one is a peasant baby with a cold. Then it’s simply unavoidable, and one must continue one’s royal tour of one’s colonies with grace.

Duchess Catherine (AKA Kate Middleton, Style Queen) is currently on her tour of New Zealand with her Duke/Husband, William. She stepped out today in a heavenly blue tailored Alexander McQueen coat dress, which apparently costs a cool $3,875.

One of Kate’s most important Duchess’s duties is greeting small children and babies on her tours, which she diligently did on this particular outing.

Little Prince George was left with his babysitter because he is “too noisy” and “too big” (Kate’s words, not ours, though he is the most beautiful pudgy little cherub munchkin). Witnesses were horrified when Duchess Kate greeted a small peasant baby – and the baby SNEEZED on her.

We can’t be sure but we think we may have narrowed down the sneeze suspects to this little munchkin.

If we expand our search for the precious little snot-sharer, it could feasibly include any one of these children too…

Regardless, Kate is a duchess and she continued with her official duties, which include waving, greeting, and pretending to be interested in aircraft.

Kate Middleton is always flawlessly stylish, by royal decree…

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