Whoa, is Kate Middleton about to chop all her hair off?

Is Kate Middleton about to chop her hair off ahead of her Australian visit?

Has someone given her a bum steer about it being really hot here in April?

Just what style is she going to choose?

These are the big questions we’re tackling today.

The rather reputable news site, The Daily Beast is reporting that it’s likely the Duchess of Cambridge will snip off her long hair in favour of a shorter, shoulder-length style.

And because Kate Middleton is just waiting for more people to give her style advice, apparently “some” are URGING her to adopt a bob, to “avoid endless fussing with her hair when the weather is anything less than still.”

With all this follicle pressure just how will Kate Middleton decide? Lucky for her, the British public have been weighing in on what style the future queen (too optimistic?) will adopt.

Thanks to betting agency Coral, you can put money on which hairstyle she’ll be sporting for her trip. Leading the pack is the shoulder-length style at one to four odds, eight to one on a pixie crop, and 10-1 she’ll dye her hair blonde. Strangely, at 1000-1 odds is dreadlocks, and if you want to throw your money away there’s 5000-1 odds on Kate shaving her entire head.

We’re not gambling experts or anything, but we’d say the odds that Kate will shave her noggin’ a la Romper Stomper is closer to slim to none.

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